Organizational web platform

This platform allows the connection of speakers, participants and courses as well as the management of your rooms.

– No installation, everything is on the web

– Accessible by speakers and participants

– Compatible on all devices and operating systems, just need a browser

– Attendance management

– Conflict management during registration

– Generation of Word and Excel files according to your needs

– For social institutions, generation of MMT sheets

– Highly adaptable

Application development

Each application produced by Hivetek is born from a need of people in the field, allowing us to provide you, following careful listening, with a “hand-sewn” application meeting your needs.

Open Source Solutions

The world of Open Source is huge and offers powerful digital solutions for managing your business, managing your processes or even video conferences which, when implemented with care, reduce your software license costs. .

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Computer Management

– Need for expertise on the state of your infrastructure
– Management of your IT equipment with monthly report
– A desire to outsource your infrastructure
– Create a ZeroMaterial cloud infrastructure requiring virtually no physical hardware in your business
– We are here to answer these questions


A project to be carried out requiring an IT part or simply an advice, our experts will answer you with pleasure.



A simple and efficient web platform for organizing your classes and assigned rooms as well as for monitoring your students from any device

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You want to access your corporate or home network from anywhere and securely. The turnkey solution HiveVPN meets this need at no recurrent cost.

This solution contains the necessary hardware and software at no additional license cost.


A turnkey, secure and cost-free video conferencing solution. If you are looking for an alternative to Microsoft Teams or Zoom, this solution is for you

Solutions OpenSource

You want to install an Open Source solution but you don’t know how to do it

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What’s this ?

A simple and efficient web platform for organizing your classes and assigned rooms as well as for monitoring your students from any device


  • Creation of courses and registration of participants in a simple, fast and accessible way from any device (smartphone, tablet, computer)
  • No installation is necessary, everything is on the web!
  • Generation of MMT sheets in a few minutes for all the students of the institution
  • Access to your participants to the platform for viewing their schedule at a glance
  • Creation of virtual classrooms with your participants
  • Management of the institution’s vacations
  • Individual vacation management
  • Validation of attendance
  • Generation of statistics allowing to see the attractiveness of your course offers and to adjust them if necessary
  • Visualization of the attendance rate of your courses
  • Simplified educational monitoring

and more…

The platform in pictures


We are a collective of engineers and passionate developers who have been immersed in IT since our childhood. This passion has become a profession and then a desire to offer our know-how by creating HIVETEK SÀRL in 2020.

Our resources are extensible and allow to face the important workloads on all types of IT projects.

The web platform we offer allows you to quickly adapt to your specific needs.



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